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Investing in Graphene

Graphene solar cells

Graphene solar cells

Investing in Graphene – Graphene Solar Cells Graphene is considered the next generation material for solar panel construction where it is expected to be a primary component in solar cells. By coating it with a silicon film, it retains its transparency and conductivity, thereby making it the best material for …

Honda Graphene batteries Investment

Graphene batteries Investment

Honda Graphene batteries Investment Honda (NYSE:HMC), one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycles and automobiles, has invested in graphene for its energy storage properties. Graphene is touted to become the new material in the manufacture of batteries since electrodes made from graphene can replace those made from lithium. Research done …

Lockheed Martin Corp

Lockheed Martin Corp

Lockheed Martin Corp Graphene Investment Lockheed Martin Corp (NYSE:LMT), a defense contractor, has made a groundbreaking discovery in the use of graphene’s ultra filtration properties to purify water for use at a f raction of the costs. Not only does the use of graphene to filter water save on costs, …

Nokia Investing in Grapgene

Nokia investing in Graphene

Nokia investing 1.3 billion-dollar in Graphene Research Recently, Nokia (NYSE:NOK) was awarded a $1.35 billion funding for its activities in graphene in the next ten years. These activities are mostly research that aims at developing applications from the ‘wonder material’ that are tipped to change the world. European Union gave …

Graphene Investments

Graphene Investments

Graphene Investments – Impacts on the stock market In the next five years, graphene will transform the world of clean technology. This transformation is likely to impact greatly on the clean tech stocks as well. Presently, most graphene technologies are in the lab and therefore do not affect their investments. However, …

Samsung Investing in Graphene

Samsung Electronics – Investing in Graphene

Samsung Electronics – Investing in Graphene Samsung Electronics, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronics, is looking into graphene properties for the production of devices that are likely to change the world. Recently, the company, through its principal research and development incubator (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology), developed a transistor …