Glowing graphene walls will soon make lamps redundant

Glowing graphene walls

Glowing graphene walls

There is a lot going on for graphene a one-atom thick planar sheet of sp2 bonded atoms of carbon.   This material that resembles chicken wire has unique properties that make it a wonder which will soon change the way we live and interact. Its incredible properties as the strongest and the lightest, plus its ability to conduct electricity and heat more than any other material so far known to man, mean that it can be integrated in a huge number of technological applications.

Initially scientists would foresee graphene used to help in improving efficiency and performance of current materials used in device, but this has changed, since in conjunction with other two-Dimensional materials graphene will form amazing compounds to suit a wider spread of applications.
One of the major applications of graphene we are likely to see in the near future is glowing walls.  Probably you will forget about those compact fluorescent bulbs, or even the fancy LED lighting.  Scientist from the USA and Sweden say they are developing lighting panels using graphene.  These panels will soon make the basic bulb that we commonly use redundant.

Being a super thin and transparent material graphene is to be fashioned into large and energy efficient sheets called LECS (Light emitting electromagnetic cells) that will cover an entire wall of room or ceiling.  This will fill the room with even and adjustable source of light.

Though OLEAD technology promises a similar lighting approach, the scientists say graphene panels are far much cheaper to produce. Also graphene does not contain metal alloy indium tin oxide that makes OLESD panels quite hard to recycle.

There is so far no word on how long we are going to wait before we can buy LEC panels in our local hardware stores, but we know one time we will need to replace our basic lamps with glowing graphene walls.

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