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Lomiko Metals Inc (LMR)

Lomiko Metals

Lomiko Metals

Lomico Metals Inc. (CVE:LMR) is a company that engages in acquiring, exploring and developing mineral resource properties in Canada. The company is mostly engaged in the exploration of zinc, gold and graphite deposits. It has a large claim in Vines Lake Property in the south eastern part of Cassia town, found in British Columbia. It has some interests in Quatre Milles Property which cover at least 3,000 acres in the North Western parts of Montreal, Quebec. Initially, the company was known by the name Lomiko Resources Inc., and it acquired the new name in October 2008. Lomico Metals Inc. was incorporated in 1987 and is headquartered in Surrey, Canada.

Lomiko Metals Inc. has recently changed its main focus to the development of High-Performance Graphene-Enhanced materials that are vital for three dimensional (3D) printing. The 3D labs have gone a step further in promoting 3D printing technology in the current world. Best quality graphite is a basic material to be used in the production of graphene. Lomiko will generally provide quality graphite to Graphene 3D Labs and has been rated the most exclusive supplier which has interests to provide a $50,000 start-up capital for a quarter a million shares entitled to dividends.

Lomiko Metals Inc. recently announced its strategic alliance with Graphene Laboratories Inc., this process has resulted in the production of excellent quality graphene for various uses, despite the fact that the production is yet to be made efficient for commercial purposes; a lot is being done to improve the production process.

Lomiko is entering into various deals that will see them become one of the leading producers of this material; this has been made possible by investing more funds into the production of the materials as well as entering into contracts with other companies aimed at making the production process more efficient.

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