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Graphene Integrated Circuit - Super computer

Graphene Integrated Circuit

Graphene Integrated Circuit – The future of Super Computers The first graphene-only integrated circuit was created by International Business Machines (NYSE:IBM) three years ago. However, this was not a complete breakthrough because they used largely silicon and metal for much of the hardware. University of California Santa Barbara has made …

Graphene and Silicon Solar Cell

Graphene and Silicon

Graphene and Silicon Work Great Together Given the impending bottleneck of supply in indium tin oxide, a material currently used as a transparent conducting film, researchers are now focusing their attention on graphene as a cheaper alternative since it has ideal properties for this purpose. Photo-voltaic manufacturers have taken little …

Carbon nanotube transistors

Carbon nanotube transistors

The world’s first carbon nanotube computer – Carbon nanotube transistors Manufacturers will soon be able to replace silicon with carbon nanotube transistors in making transistors used in electronic devices. This is because carbon nanotubes address most of the shortcomings that silicon has. Carbon nanotubes are the ideal replacements for silicon …

Samsung Investing in Graphene

Samsung Electronics – Investing in Graphene

Samsung Electronics – Investing in Graphene Samsung Electronics, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronics, is looking into graphene properties for the production of devices that are likely to change the world. Recently, the company, through its principal research and development incubator (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology), developed a transistor …