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Graphene Filters

Graphene Filters

Future applications of Graphene in Ultrafiltration – Graphene filters Graphene is a wonder material destined to change every aspect of technology. This material has extraordinary properties that make it the most studied carbon material today. There are thousands of areas that will significantly change with the application of this 2D …

Graphene super batteries

Graphene supercapacitor

Graphene supercapacitor Energy storage is one field studied extensively today. While other areas of electronics have been rapidly advancing over the last few decades, there has always been an issue with storing energy that is not in used. A lot of discussions are ongoing on the best means of saving …

Graphene electronics

Graphene in Optical Electronics

Future use of graphene in Optical Electronics Graphene, a 2D (two dimensional) carbon is a highly versatile material with amazing properties destined to change the way we live and communicate. It is currently the strongest and lightest material known to man.  Its ability to conduct heat and electricity is much …

Graphene foldable electronics

Future applications of Graphene

The number of future applications of graphene is almost going to be infinite.  Graphene is a nano-sized wonder material with a massive future in the world of electronics. With its unique properties the material is effective almost in all areas of science. Ever since its discovery in 2004, graphene has been hailed …